Machete-Wielding Man Struck by Two Hit-and-Run Drivers

This crazy-ass cellphone video shows a man stalking an intersection in Oakland with a machete before being first backed into by a red sedan and then smacked hard by a white sedan. The man responds to being deliberately backed into by chopping the hell out of the side of the red car. The footage is certainly troubling. »10/21/15 10:13am10/21/15 10:13am


Tracy Morgan Returns to Emmys: "I've Started To Feel Like Myself Again"

“Shout out to Tracy Morgan, we’ll see you next year, Tracy,” Jimmy Kimmel said at last year’s Emmy Awards, and would you look at that? He was right. Morgan was the “very special guest” at this year’s Emmys and his return to the awards show’s stage to present Best Drama was the highlight of the snoozy ceremony. »9/21/15 7:32am9/21/15 7:32am

Pixels Is Adam Sandler's Laziest Movie Yet, Somehow

1. Pixels is a perfectly acceptable idea for a movie that has unfortunately been Sandlerized. Based off a famous short film from 2010 that you can watch below—and you probably should just watch now, for free, thereby saving yourself the trip to the theater—it revolves around aliens who receive a time capsule from 1984… »7/22/15 6:14pm7/22/15 6:14pm